Checking on Our Children’s Health; On junk and Fast Foods
By ; Burnet ArQnutrient Mulungu

Well, welcome to our first publication on Health and Wellness. In this edition we will be discussing several issues on Health and Wellness based on several studies and experiences about health. Health and Wellness will be coming to you every Monday so be my guest and lets together address issues relating to health and wellness. This week we will be discussing about children’s health under the topic; Checking on Our Children’s Health, so stay connected

Besides the usual considered aspects of morals, dressing and successful results in class, many parents don’t care what their children eat. Maybe I should say it the other way; many parents don’t know how to differentiate good and bad food for their children. We can debate it later about being a general problem for all ages, but let’s narrow it down to the side of children for now.

According to the Women’s and Children Health Network diet has a significant effect on children’s study habits, and hence it has a huge impact on the children’s education

There are several categories of food our children take that has some bad effects on them. You may agree with me that most junk food, fast food is not ideal for children despite being the immediate option for them nowadays due to it easy accessibility and cheaper prices on the general market.

Junk food for example , are very appealing and that being the case are a daily option for parents to buy for their children, and worse still the market knows it’s in great demand and more is being produced. Regular consumption of fattening junk food can usually be addictive to the children and result into worst conditions like obesity, low self-esteem and sometimes chronic illnesses. This has a very negative impact on the education performance of the children.

Frequent consumption of fast foods means the children are likely to consume higher amount of calories, fat and added sugars. This is likely to lead to obesity. Food with high sugar content for example, depletes energy levels and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Most of parents these days resolves into giving their children Junk food and fast food but what you have to know is that these food contain different amount of hazardous chemicals aswell, beside the stated above reasons which includes the coloring agents, preservative agents and flavoring agents.

Here are some of other notable effects parents should look out for while keeping the health and wellness of the children in check
Consumption of too much fats and calories in repeated meals with makes it less likely for children to eat fibers, fruits and vegetables and these results into increased chances of constipation.
Eating a lot of fast food in childhood makes it harder to eat healthier food later in life. Childhood habits usually manifests in adulthood. So children that are always used to eating junk and fast foods are going to carry on the behavior in their adulthood.
Poor academics performances
Fast foods have the possibility of causing poor concentrations in class and high sugar fluctuations may result into mood swings and lack of alertness in class. This hinderes the academic performance of the children
Sleeping disturbances
Some foods like pop and cola drinks contain caffeine which can disturb the normal sleeping cycles in children and that will have a huge impact on the brain activeness of the children.

Having looked at the impacts of fast foods and junk foods on children and said all that, it is very important that you continuously check on the kind of food your children are eating so that it does not compromise their health and academics.

That’s it from me, on today’s edition of health and wellness, until next week Monday when I come with another topic on Checking on Our Children’s Health.

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