Hello everyone everywhere you’re getting this from. I hope you are in good health and all is well with you. I would like to welcome you to the Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. I will be giving you Poems from my spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below:

Joseph Daniel Sukali – Wonders Of My Perception Album

This series will run for 9 weeks and will end on the last Friday of the year 2020 which happens to be on Christmas day. You can follow me on Facebook to get every episode of the series.

Today I will start with my personal favorite:

Scars Of Depression. Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and leave a comment.

Scars Of Depression

(Written and performed by Joseph Daniel Sukali)

I quiver to the cold, soul-freezing warfare

A battle that inflicts no vivid physical demise

The bruises are internal_The wounds unseen

All the damage done is hidden in the silent cries in the shiny somber social masks

The truth slowly burning out from the flooding lies

The idea of reality quickly becoming a slave to the ignorance of pretence as we justify the unjustifiable

Convincing ourselves so wearily to stay tough

No one wants to miss the spotlight so we drag ourselves into the social darkroom

As we master the obvious abstract art of social cohesion

BOOM!! We’re in a collision

A deadly head on of fake happiness glittered in social media likes _and

True sadness embraced in loneliness and rejection

Souls are floating in pain

Pretence has become a psychological defensive mechanism

The “I should fit in” syndrome is fiercely savouring our distinct personalities

The face shines with beautiful ugly smiles while the soul freezes with deathly emptiness deep within

The cheesy laughters are laughed at by the sobbing inner self

The seen sugar-coated scenarios are nothing but bitter unseen war-rooms

We show what needs to be seen and yet we still believe what we see

Underneath the glowing beautiful happy person lies a sad broken one deep inside

Beneath the strong confident ones, is a magnificent home for a shrinking weak soul feasting on stress and anxiety

Self deception slowly devours own inner honesty

Trapped in pretence, depression whips you to reality

The battle is not physical

The pain intrinsically swallows every drop of joy within

Outer magnificence slowly get torn apart as the rotten inner self spreads the infection of deceit

“Am okay”- that’s the cliche- But deep down most of us are gasping for our last breath

Literally battling to stay sane

Too much pressure-Too many expectations weighing down our Mental stamina

We are caged in our efforts to please the masses

We see no pride in our own uniqueness so we follow the majority and embrace mob mediocrity

We have crucified ourselves with no hope of resurrection

Since enough is not always enough

Keep hidding under the mask as you bleed inside

keep giving the Judas kisses as you betray your own soul


When enough is enough reality will knock on your door

You won’t run from the loneliness as you go alone to sleep in cold nights

You won’t pretend to be happy in your old age when you look at your youth

For the wounds might be external but the scars of depression will live through eternity

The scars of depression will hunt you till you’re suicidal 6 feet deep

No matter how thick your mask is…

The scars of depression will see through your soul till your stains are rainbow vivid.



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