Hello World. Welcome to our yet another edition of Artist Of The Week. Our artist of the week this week we dedicate it to the upcoming Mzuzu based hip-hop artist by the name 2Shii. Born Fitson Banda, 2Shii rose from the household rapper to one of the most respected young talented rapper in the country. His lyrical prowess and the ability to blend in lots of hip-hop and rap beats helped the artist reach higher heights in the music industry. From the humble beginnings of songs like Work’s, Real, Last Man Standing which featured Dusper and Izz Mw, 2Shii slowly made his way into the music chats when he made some of his notable releases such as Drunken Master, Sacrifice, Chikukukhuza ndi Chani which featured Izz. He then accompanied his nice songs with a couple of music videos, among them including songs like Sacrifices, Tsiku Limodzi, Drunken Master, Negativity and Mwana Wa Kukaya.

His music journey nevertheless has also been faced with the usual hardships upcoming artist’s faces. He points out that pushing his music to the level he is right now has been accompanied with lots of costs. Aganist all odds the artist challenged the industry and went ahead to record his first music album. He attributes his success to alot of hardwork and dedication.

“Right now, I have just released my first debut album which has 10tracks. It’s available for sale on Legacy Music Inc and one can also buy it by contacting me. It’s being sold at a very fair price of MKW600. The album title is called Whoever Whatever and it’s a diverse compilation covering several genres including trap, afropop and local fusion. Am planning to shoot one music video from the project”.

Why did you decide to drop an album?
“I decided that if I really want to make a mark in the music industry, i should have an album to my catalogue. People have been listening to my songs long enough and have always inspired the young me to do more music. That kind of love also contributed to the decision of dropping an album. Even if deep down I knew dropping an album would be cost, i still pursued the decision of making that mark”.

What’s your message to the artists on their music journey?
Nothing is ever simple, we always need to grind to get to our desired heights and to achieve whatever we wish we achieve. Every life situation and experience is a meant to tell and teach us something. To this far, I have learned a lot about the music industry and am able to make great and successful steps towards my music career. So in simple terms, i would say being an artist is more than just creating good music in the studio, it requires greater efforts and creativity to make a mark in the music circles. Every artist needs to work towards that”.

How would you like your music to be and reach in the next five years?
I have always worked to be recognized by my country, even though not everyone knows my name but am happy a huge number of people give a listen to my music each time i drop a project. Thats an achievement to me, i picture myself getting recognised and making headlines all over global news. Thats how big my vission is.

The energy and dedication put towards music by this artist is something all upcoming artist should learn from.

Buy his newly released album which is available on Legacy Music Inc by following the link; [Buy] 2shii – Whoever Whatever Album – https://legacymusicinc.com/music/albums/buy-2shii-whoever-whatever-album/


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