By Doreen Ziba

I stumbled upon a path
I took it for I thought it was right
Forgetting not all that glitters is gold I went on
For how could I had known
That the smooth path had thorns underneath
Life was revealed to me in black and white
Realizing I had left a trail of mistakes
Which I was unaware I had made along the path
Leaving me in broken pieces
Pieces I struggled to bring back together
I was told with time things would get better
The wounds would heal
And they were right
But they did not tell me about the scars
And here I am in the present
Haunted by memories of the past
Where ever i go they exist
Whether I go left or right
They are worse at night
When I’m alone in the dark
They shine bright
When I sleep they turn to nightmares
I cannot escape these horrors
The moment I forget them
Someone sees my scars and ask about them
And they just rush back into my mind
And I go through the incidences over and over again
For I’ve heard
The more you tell a story
The more it sticks and becomes reality
I am learning to tell a better story for my scars
Hoping with it
And by God’s grace
The bad memories I forget
And finally be free from the horrors of my past


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