By Doreen Ziba

She is beautiful and innocent
At the age of eight
She walks freely with delight
Unaware of the dark corners of the room
Where evil lies
And awaits to conquer
That she is young and defenseless
It does not mind
With every step she take by the dark corners
It’s hands evil extends
Eager to quench it’s lust and thirst
No one is there to warn her
Of the danger in the dark corner
As she is in her room
The safest place she could possibly be
She is defiled and abused
Robbed of her innocence
At such a young age
She carries an evil memory
Stuck in her mind like gum
They say time heals all wounds
But how can she forget
When she is surrounded by men
At their sight
She is reminded of her terrible fate
She lives in fear as she feels no place is safe
She walks binded in chains
As she is afraid if she breaks free
And walk freely
Evil might find her again
She finds safety in a cage
What did she do to deserve this?
Being a girl is not a crime
Nor a reason to be abused
End violence against women and girls


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