By; Dorcas Sinyinza

I still remember that day
The day the golden ring
made its way
Its way into your little figure
The day I migrated from bachelorhood
The day my request got understood
The day I felt a wholesome joy
The joy resulted from how far we have come.

I still have memories
Memories of those moments
Tough moments that cemented our hearts
In a single heart
And I still guarantee, you’ll never get hurt
Not under my watch
So I will let the world know
That we are a perfect match

I still remember those moments
Moments I could go angry
Due to comments
Made by your relatives
For not paying the seven cows charged
I remember the comfort hand
That you lowered at my shoulder
And so we shoulder situations together

As far as I can remember
That day
That day marked the completion
Of my heart puzzle
I finally got the last piece
That is you
That day ended my search
So am glad we are here together
Let’s not worry about the weather
Moments like these endure such

I still remember the wounds you had
Wombs that were a result of my punches
Wounds that got treated by forgiveness
And a little more love on it
Submitting to my reckless doing
Far we come and each memory
Strengthen the vows

I still remember the love
The love that quenches my hearts thirst
The love that drips like rain from above
Showering all over me
The love irrigating these stanzas
The love the rich admires
The love that has endured
The spears of hate

I still remember those days
Days covered by the dilapidated building
Our little class
Days back before love united us
Days I could do my day dreaming plus
In class
And your lovely face was all I could see
When madam Vilembe rolled the chalk on the board

I still have memories of how I could survive
In that cold June
How you manage to revive my body
Almost frozen
Partly covered by a net blanket
Moist wind blowing through an air vent gap
I could perfectly get the warmth from you

Back to that white day
When you dressed yourself in the veil
The day we publicly brushed our lips
That moment you painted my lips brown
At the witness of everyone
“I vowed”
Not to part ways with you
But always cherish our oneness
I was meant to love you

The higher we rise
The low the respect we gain
Know people are there to talk
But allow their sounds
Just to bounce back before reaching your eardrum
They are to confess, we are getting stronger
“so let me break the silence”
“we will walk together
Towards the heavens gates”
When God calls out our names!
Am all yours


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