This one right here is for all un-fathered fathers and un-mothered mothers who already have names and a picture of their first child’s life. The spoken word album that the 2021 MFP series is taken from, is titled after this piece right here: The UnBorn. It is one of my favorite pieces where imagination has been romanticized like never before! Without further ado, here is Ntho’s dedication! Enjoy the read fam…. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Written by Joseph Daniel Sukali

Dear Ntho
It's been six years since you were mentally conceived
You have been famous since you were still asleep as a seed
A lot of people think I love you too much. Some think your name is interesting and funny
And your mother thinks I will spoil you. I think she is just scared I might love you more than I love her
It could be true or not. All I know is I have so much love for you
I want you to understand that you will never be alone
Am giving you my word, I will be there for you even when am gone
"Am giving you my word dear child, I will always be there for you even when am gone" -Joseph Daniel Sukali

There are a few things I want you to seed in your heart
Let your mind water these ideas and embrace them for they are truths of the time you will grow in
I want you to understand that family is everything. You see my dear, blood is thicker than water…
But don't be fooled, it's the same blood that gets you bleeding often times
Love is the weaver. Your family is not genetically or biologically defined
It's the spiritual connection that flows in the stream of love and understanding that defines family
Your friends, mates and colleagues can be better family than blood. So don't get caught up in the blood theory
Family doesn't flow in your veins and arteries, it resides in your four chambers
I want you to know you are a product of choice not chance
Your existence is not in any way an accident
You have been anticipated for more than half a decade
Don't you ever feel unwanted
You are part of a generation that has fully mastered the art of demeaning each other's relevance
Any positive contribution to humanity is seen as a threat
And every effort you make to better yourself as an individual is considered competition
You're in a generation that loves seeing you struggle and put in work
And yet hates seeing you succeed and achieve something after all your commitments
You see dear child, most of your peers are geared to do whatever it takes to be better than you but don't want you to be better than them
Be careful when things get to work out for you.
Not everyone that calls you friend are really your friends
Watch out for the Judas Kisses and the Brutus holding knives behind your back while they smile at your face like they did with young Caesar
You see my dear child, you descend from a line of survivors
No amount of negativity should ever pull you under
Your were born with enough power to defy man-made gravitational force wrapped in envy and jealous
Your old man and mother are your first best friends
No one should ever lie to you about anything, we will be here for you
I can't wait to give you the talk at 13
To tell you about love and relationships, heartbreaks and pain
You see child, you're part of a frustrated, sad, broken and depressed generation
But I will still raise you as a pure golden heart that you are
I will still teach you kindness, love and mercy in a generation infested with envy, bitterness and hate
I will teach you how to see souls with your heart
I will teach you how to love all humanity without being judgmental
I will teach you how to be more spiritual than religious
I will teach you how to be a citizen of the world not just of a region or country
I will teach you how to be a god in the creators own image
And most importantly, I will teach you all that I was never taught
Things like it's okay to be different and see things differently
It's okay to be alone sometimes and it's okay not to speak when you have nothing sound to say
It's okay to cry when hurt. You don't necessarily have to be strong all the time
Most importantly it's okay to make mistakes dear child. You are only human. Imperfection is imprinted on your DNA. Don't dare be hard on yourself
You have people that love you and cherish every single thing about you
Your flaws don't take away any amount of your value so embrace them
Life has no rehearsal, be free to live every single day fearlessly
I hope you will love earth and it's chaotic drama, pains, diseases and unceasing wars.
Together with it's beautiful habitants and living souls that cover all corners of the global
I hope you will be proud of your mother and I just like we are proud of you
I can't wait for you to be born, The UnBorn
Signing off, Yours truly, un-fathered father.
Bambo a Ntho


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Joseph Daniel Sukali is a Malawian freelance writer, blogger, award winning spoken word poet and a mental health advocate. Some of his works have been published in the Best “New” African Poet 2020 ANTHOLOGY, Writers Global Movement (WGM) magazine and several other local and international magazines. He is also a contributor to an online library Good Literature Malawi, columnist of Malawi Talents Magazine and editor of Love Feast Magazine. Sukali has authored and published a book "Dealing with a Heartbreak: Therapy for the Broken-A Health Relationship Guide”. He is also a co-author of a poetry anthology "Whispers of Beating Hearts". His 2020 spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” is available for free download online. The 26 year old is a holder of a bachelor's degree obtained from Mzuzu University. Apart from being a wordsmith, Joseph Daniel Sukali is currently an employee of Emmanuel International Malawi and he is also an ambassador for Maphunziro265 Malawi.


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