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Hello there again, wherever you’re getting this from. I hope you are in perfect health and life is unfairly fair to you. Welcome back to today’s episode of the Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. It’s basically all about giving you Poems from my spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below:
You can also watch the spoken word performance video on YouTube through this link:

As I communicated earlier, this series will run for 9 weeks and will end on the last Friday of the year 2020 which happens to be on Christmas day. You can follow me on Facebook to get every episode of the series.

Today’s piece is the one that gave the album it’s title:
Wonders of My Perception. Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment.

Wonders Of My Perception

(Written and performed by Joseph Daniel Sukali)

Is it just humanity’s mental creation?
Is it just a psychic vivid imagination?
If we were to draw a picture each, what would be yours?
Are the things people say true?
Are the personal experiences real or just personal?
I hear he is the only true one and the rest are fake
He is the most powerful one and the most everything
Except the only things considered humanly negative
But doesn’t this make him a human brain child?
Everything said of him is from the human perspective
Does it mean everything in the universe is defined by humans?
Or maybe humans are just too blind to see their own selfish nature

So what if there is a superior being indeed?
What if there’s the creature creator ?
The sole holder of the purest goodness
The father of all that was created
The one with all the divine qualities we have been brainwashed with
Would it mean the perfect being created this imperfect world?
Since they have forced on us to believe there’s a being and all that exist come from him
Would it mean he created evil?
If he really watches over his creation and really see everything
If he is really as all powerful and all knowing as they have told us
Does it mean he just watches when the 3 year old child gets raped?
Does it mean he is just having fun watching people die of Corona virus?
Maybe he enjoys watching endless wars
Maybe the all good being deliberately created evil
But wouldn’t that make him evil?
Wait, maybe humans created evil?
But how? humans are not creators!
Because if they are creators it’s possible they might have created the creator too!

Is it possible for good and bad to originate from one place?
But wouldn’t that make God and Satan one?
If they are truly different as they say, who created who?
From the success of suffering and pain on earth, who is really in control?
If you were the father, would you subject your children to this level of dilemma?
If you were the almighty, would you feed your children this heavy meal of doubt?
Or maybe you would just bring them together once in a while and let them physically see you

But what if all they have said is nothing but another chain for your mental slavery?
What if all this was meant to manipulate and control you?
What if it was all designed to instill fear in you and make you accept things without question?
What if it is just humanity’s answer to questions without answers?
Maybe it’s just our backdoor to sanity amidst chaos in this forsaken world
But what if it’s all true?
What if the angels and the scriptures are true?
Would it mean those who haven’t accepted Jesus would perish?
Or would it be those who don’t follow Muhammad that would enjoy the anguish?
Or maybe salvation is with Buddhism?
Or maybe ATRs if it’s not with Sikhism?
Or maybe there is no salvation after all
Maybe everything ends at death!
Yes the same one that brings cold and silence at the drop of the last breath

Maybe the truth is just a myth
Maybe there is no right or wrong, truth or lie, good or evil
The dualistic desperation move of distinguishing was just a mare weapon
Humans only use it to confuse the disturbed weak ones just to instill order
Maybe there is just that loud silence of nothingness
Maybe everything is just at the equilibrium in the spectrum
Floating in the total freedom of deciding one’s own fate
That would make free will free indeed

But if not, everything is a fine piece of the divine script
Life is just one a giant cinematography
Everyone is acting according to the script
The evil one’s are just villains without discrepancy
Just like Judas was scripted to betray Jesus so that the world could be saved
What if we are all just roleplayers executing a divinely planned scene aswell?
Would you be happy with your character?
Would you be happy with who you are?
Don’t judge the skepticism of my imagination
These are just wonders of my perception



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