In an era with vivid racism and unending protests against systems that are injust to the black community in Africa and globally, I believe it is our responsibility to open our third eye and see the war as it is. Today’s piece is one of the most thought provoking pieces from the  Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. If you are joining us for the first time, the MFP series is basically all about giving you Poems from the spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below:

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Dear Black Child

(Written and performed by Joseph Daniel Sukali)

I know what they have told you about yourself
I know what they have made you believe
I know what they have made you accept
They have defined the right and wrong for you 
They have meticulously designed your fall
Traps have been set to keep your mind under bondages
They tell your story like you're not the character in it
When you were the one that told it in the first place
They have twisted it to degrade and devalue you
They have undermined everything about you as a people
They have murdered your religious beliefs and despised your culture
They enslaved your body before they lied to have liberated you just to enslave your mind
They have crippled your confidence and your stamina of Independence
What they have defined as political Independence was just another move to subjugate you to chronical economic dependency
They have done all sorts of things in the light whose intensions are vivid in the dark
Dear Black Child, don't believe that you are inferior because of your economic muscle
Your intrinsic value will never be defined by what you have or what you don't
Your soul is what makes you who you are
Don't sacrifice your dignity for their approval
Scrutinize the knowledge they give you before you brag about the wrong things
Listen to the wisdom of your observation in reality
See beyond the ordinary and visualize with clarity
Till you can distiguesh between strings attached and charity
It's not donations if they have terms or what so ever
It's not aid when they attach " if the following conditions are met"
Don't sacrifice souls of your innocent brothers and sisters for empty praises
It's not worth it
They are not doing you any favors, There is nothing to bend on your knees and be thankful for
They took what was yours- Your birthright

The souls of your forefathers were butchered mercilessly by the same witch you worship
Your ancestors were raped and dehumanized to survive on rats and cockroaches
Their religion was barbarically touched to give room for the opium they have given you now
See black child, this is the key they have used to unlock your mental incapacitation
They have given you the sleeping pill while they plunder everything good that remains in your garden
They have made you mentally idle and distracted your attention to matters of the after life
But what about now? Don't you deserve to be happy?
If paradise is in heaven after death then why give you hell on Earth?
So open your eyes black child, see what's beneath the normal
They have caged you since birth, you're lucky if you can notice it
Use your intellectual stamina and liberate yourself
For your forefathers fought and sacrificed for your freedom
You're life is in your hands, take charge
Be free black child, don't let them dictate how you live… It's about time.

#EndSARS, #BlackLivesMatter, #WakeUpAfrica


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