This week has been very sad in our country considering the numerous cases of sexual abuse. I honestly feel like we are loosing our essence as a people. Our humanity is slowly getting devoured by our animal instincts. We have no love for fellow human beings and we have lost our ability to use our brains. Say NO to RAPE. Don’t let your few seconds of excitement ruin someone’s entire life. Today’s piece is one of the most emotional pieces from the  Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. If you are joining us for the first time, the MFP series is basically all about giving you Poems from the spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below:

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I’m Equally Human

(Written and performed by Joseph Daniel Sukali)

I body slammed 
Disturbed horrifically deep within Every exhale seemed like the last Wrangled in the struggle 
My body twisted to his squeeze 
Muscles tearing apart as bones broke My soul was pushed into the dark as he pushed in 
Cold waves of despair flashed through my nerves 
I am screaming but can't be heard Where is the voice of the voiceless 
Help! Help! Help! 

The silence gets louder than my cries of rescue 
My innocence dies to the taste of the forbidden fruit 
So forbidden and abominable is the way of the taste 
My dignity drained as he thirstily drunk from my well 
My purity gets purely impure 
I anguish in pain, 
His manly manhood steals my pride Blood gush out as my thoughts commit suicide 
The combination of his seeds and my blood drip 
The ugliest scene of painted memories of abuse 

My body can't move 
There's a dark cloud hovering over my head 
I can't see, breath or feel a thing 
All I can hear is the drum beating in my chest 
I drag my trunk home in silence Brutalized both physically and psychologically 
Traumatized by the inhumanity of some human beings 
I feel lost and alone 
Questions tear down the defense of my mind "Why me?" "What did I do to deserve this?" 
My heart burns to his cold soul 
I am only thirteen 
He is supposed to be my father 

Can someone please hear me! 
Am done hidding in dark cold corners 
I have endured the trauma long enough For my mother would put the blame on me 
To my father am dead alive and inexistent 
But my voice is inaudibly loud enough For the ear that wishes to listen 
For the pen that dreams to write 
A story that was never told 
Of a morally chocked society 
The death of decency in humanity 
A generation of social media feminists Who speak more than they listen to the untold stories 
Of molested timid girls who are broken in and out 

The pain of holding the truth is burdening 
The pain of watching the abusers walk free is agonizing 
I really want to speak out 
I really need your help 
I want this whole thing to be over once and for all 
All the sexual assault, 
The mutilation from violence against women 
The gender bias, male chauvinism 
All that the society has internalized in promoting our vulnerability 
Remember, our sex is not a disability 
I am a girl, I am a woman Let it stick in your head that am equally human




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