Hello fam. Let’s kick our weekend with another incredible episode of the only stylish online poetry series. While we still say NO TO RAPE, let’s get to our new episode of the Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. If you are joining us for the first time, the MFP series is basically all about giving you Poems from the spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below: https://legacymusicinc.com/poetry/joseph-daniel-sukali-wonders-of-my-perception-album/
You can also watch the spoken word performance video on YouTube through this link: https://youtu.be/ApfChwwHm9k

Today’s piece is one of my favorites from the album. It’s one of the most irregular concepts for a typical Malawian. Enjoy.

Where Do We Go When We Sleep

As the eyelides lose their erection, the door to the soul closes in consciousness
Consequently opening the gate in the superficial realm called subconsciousness
As the body shuts down and starts making love to inactivity
The fascinating duality of body and soul becomes a reality
As the mortal self takes a test drive of death
The immortal goes on a witch hunt for memories
While we close the eyes and shut the brain in sleep
We awake the monsters of the mind in dreams
The wars we have ignored and forcefully let go during the day
Come back at night, burning down the tranquility of our souls in nightmares
Reality gets proven to be nothing but a perception
Because what scares us in the dark is not darkness but mental pictures
For it is the same beautiful flowers under the love of light
That turn into monstrous shadows to the kiss of darkness
The same brain that dictates everything at consciousness
Turns into a slave bowing down to the instructions of the mind in the subconsciousness
As the eyes close, inner creeps the silence
Slowly floats the soul outside it's body
There is death in sleep only with the heart still beating, blood still pumping, lungs still respiring!
The amount of nothingness is quite sound in snoring
Everything is put on pause as the body decays with rest
The senses still sensible without you making sense of them! What a sensible senselessness!
But where do we go in the blink of such peacefulness?
How does the inner clock tick while the self is in limbo?
The time lost is feels like it's just mortality brought near to it's grave
Every slumber party is rapport building with the mother of slumbers
Every time we go to rest feels like a step towards RIP for our souls
But we're immortal! Each of us is a heavenly VIP playing human on earth
Born only to have enough time to prepare for our own death
Our final breath is the rebirth of our immortality hibernated in humanity
So slowly we age as time passes just to get back to the roots of our pre-mortality
So if you ask me where do we go when we sleep, I will tell you: Home!
Sleep is just a train taking us to the other side in an indescribable form


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Joseph Daniel Sukali is a Malawian freelance writer, blogger, award winning spoken word poet and a mental health advocate. Some of his works have been published in the Best “New” African Poet 2020 ANTHOLOGY, Writers Global Movement (WGM) magazine and several other local and international magazines. He is also a contributor to an online library Good Literature Malawi, columnist of Malawi Talents Magazine and editor of Love Feast Magazine. Sukali has authored and published a book "Dealing with a Heartbreak: Therapy for the Broken-A Health Relationship Guide”. He is also a co-author of a poetry anthology "Whispers of Beating Hearts". His 2020 spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” is available for free download online. The 26 year old is a holder of a bachelor's degree obtained from Mzuzu University. Apart from being a wordsmith, Joseph Daniel Sukali is currently an employee of Emmanuel International Malawi and he is also an ambassador for Maphunziro265 Malawi.