In an era with vivid evidence of environment distraction, global warming and climate change, I believe it is our responsibility to open our third eye and see the war as it is. Today’s piece is one of the most thought provoking pieces from the Mwenemugamba Friday Poetry (MFP) Series. If you are joining us for the first time, that’s very sad because the MFP series ends today. It was basically all about giving you Poems from the spoken word album “Wonders Of My Perception” which you can download from the link below:
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Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, subscribe to my YouTube channel and get updates on my new projects. I hope you had fun. Enjoy the finale. NOTE: This piece was written for spoken word purposes so the style is that of free verse poetry.

I Raped My Mother

Sometimes I feel like humans are on a suicide mission
The pain we have inflicted on mother nature
Its nothing but reversal self torture
We are slowly gassing out natural gasses
Now oxygen is chocking as the trees are suffocating
The balance is gone
All because of the mercilessly mess we have done

How does it feel to look at our own mother naked
Her decency stripped off like she never gave birth, sustained and natured us
What type of child rapes her own mother?
Do you really expect not to face the wrath of our father?
Why are we so ignorant and careless?
What wisdom is their in poisoning the same water we need to live on?
The very home of our aquatic brothers and sisters
We’re busy burning food and shelter of the herbivores
Then we get shocked when we become food for the carnivores

We have brought this on ourselves
Our greed-hunger for money has gotten us here
Everything we touch gets poisoned
And we blame it on population growth
Really now?
What if each individual in this so claimed overpopulated planet
Planted 50 trees every year
How many billions of forests would there be in 20 years?
It doesn’t make sense to use population growth against us
When it’s a major weapon that would be used for resurgence
I think the right destroyer to be blamed is us, our hearts to be precise

We have deliberately ripped our hearts out so that we don’t care
We have shut down our emotions so we feel nothing for our mother
We only think of us and now
Licking the scars left by fathers of our fathers
As we wound the future of our children’s children
The damage is done, what is done is done
I repeat: what’s done is done!!!

BUT wait- I beg to differ, there is hope
We can come back from this suicide mission if we just cut off the rope
It starts from upstairs between the ears
Changing the perception on the value of all living souls
Let’s open our hearts and let love flow as we listen to the cry of our mother
Let’s hold her as we wipe the tears of bare water banks that cry in anger
It’s simple, plant 10 times what you cut and use
Let’s be the custodians we were meant to be
Remember global warming_is a global warning
Listen to the cry of our mother
As we execute the task bestowed on us by our father.



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