By Doreen Ziba

When she was just a little child
They told her she was not worthy
For brand new clothes and shoes
She had non,so no friends came her way
For ages the society taught
That class was important
That the rich and poor could not associate
She was forced to play alone
Both at home and school
For she was surrounded by people of high class
Association was hard
As time passed by
She adapted to being alone
She no longer cried when she was sidelined
But felt comfort
Even her teachers were not nice to her
They pampered the rich kids
And said nothing should be expected from the poor
But that never discouraged her
She worked hard and believed that someday
She was going to be better
She was going to end up in the high class
And end the discrimination between the rich and poor
She grew up and became a strong woman
A woman most people admired
The rich invited her to sit on their tables
“How ironic” she thought
As she remembered her life as a child
Even as an influential woman
She always remembered the little girl in her
Those people that treated her badly
Are the same people who gave her hugs and warm smiles
They are the ones who knelt down
And asked for help
Just because someone is walking in darkness today
It doesn’t mean they will walk in darkness forever
Let us be kind to all
Regardless of class
You never know who is going to hold your hand tomorrow
Be kind and spread love


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